How to use a Conan Exiles Trebuchet.

How to use a trebuchet? Build a trebuchet base. Build the trebuchet top. Place the trebuchet base on a flat surface. Stick the finky trebuchet top on the base. Place wood and iron reinforcements to make rest of trebuchet in workstation. Need approximately 400 wood, 13 iron reinforcements and twine. Create boulders with rocks +

conan exiles dancer fight

Conan Exiles: Tips and tricks.

Here are some tips and tricks for Conan Exiles. Learn various religions at trainers. Set religion is excellent for set (poison arrows). Which are powerful. Yog religion is great for Yog meat which never spoils and fully satisfy your hunger and partially satisfy your thirst! Mitra religion is good for ambrosia for healing. Collect branches

Skeleton Slayer

Check out Sally Skeleton Slayer. Several short stories written about a female warrior know as “Sally Skeleton Slayer”, because that’s all she does. She slays skeletons to get revenge for her fathers death and protect her village/friends from the evil skeletons being created in the evil magic graveyard. It’s a new series and I hope

sql graph

MySQL diagram tool

Check out MySQL workbench when you get a chance. It has an amazing tool for visualing SQL tables/rows/relationships (foreign keys). I’ve been using navicat for years and never really looked into the tools that oracle came out with. Workbench is nice however and it’s free to check out. Also it has a tool to reverse