Visual Basic Datagrid Sort + Filter

How to: Group, Sort, and Filter Data in the DataGrid Control I couldn’t set a filter function in my case but I could use a customfilter which worked pretty good. For some reason this link is the 3rd or 4th page or worse when searching on google. It should be higher up then

PHP base_convert

I wrote a simple tool to visualize numbers in different bases to help solve a math problem I was thinking about the other day. It uses PHP.   Convert numbers Use this form to convert numbers between different bases. This can be useful for visualizating numbers in different bases. Input base number: Numbers To Convert

Jquery adding option to select

So here’s a problem I “solved” today involving html select and dynamically adding options. Maybe this isn’t the best solution but it worked for me. Originally I was using jquery to dynamically add options to a select I created. However for some reason that doesn’t work in IE. (kind of defeats the purpose of using

WordPress Emergency Restore

way back website to recover your old wordpress posts. emergency restore If you know how to install a wordpress plugin this should be easy to use.  It takes information from wayback and was going to use google cache but they protect their data a little more fiercely and I got what I needed from way back. Once installed to your plugins directory. Make sure the downloads folder is writable. To get started: 1) Click the "Activate" link to the left of the description and follow instructions.">WordPress Emergency Restore