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Conan Exiles: Tips and tricks.

Here are some tips and tricks for Conan Exiles.

  1. Learn various religions at trainers.
  2. Set religion is excellent for set (poison arrows). Which are powerful.
  3. Yog religion is great for Yog meat which never spoils and fully satisfy your hunger and partially satisfy your thirst!
  4. Mitra religion is good for ambrosia for healing.
  5. Collect branches using an axe instead of pressing E. Instead of 1-2 branches use an axe to improve the number of branches you collect.
  6. Use a scythe to collect plant fibre. Scythe is a level 30 recipe.
  7. Tar is important! Used it make steelfire or grease orbs. Make tar from tanning leather or crushing coal in the press.
  8. Use pick-axe on trees to collect bark.
  9. Explore caves to find useful ingredients such as crystals for glass orbs/dragon powder and brimestone for steelfire to make steel.
  10. Explore the map points of interest to level up quickly once you hit level 30. Visiting several points of interest will give you a level.
  11. Steel weapons can be used to break into sandstone buildings, chests and boxes and can destroy crafting stations.


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