Fall is here. PHP Programming news.

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t posted anything since last year. What going on right now?

I was working on the RadiumCRM chrome extension earlier this year. It’s an excellent Gmail CRM tool to use.

Lots of javascript and jquery work involved with it.

Also did a 50onred integration with driver.php to integrate with their pops api. Created a nice tool for that so users can easily change the bids for campaigns etc.

The latest work I’ve done this past month involved Amazon s3 and Amazon mturk. A tool for create HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) that involve transcribing text from images.

It’ll be used for business cards but it could be used for more than that. Captchas, converting books, or other paper work scanned as images to text.

There are so many cool things to do. Sometimes I wish I could just do more!


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