Ion wind and plasma propulsion.

Here are some of the most interesting ION wind experiments and discussion on youtube.
It took me a while to find some of these videos so I figured I would create an index for them here on my site.
For ease of looking up and so you can check them out if you are interested in ion wind experiments.

Using Ion Propulsion in model Aircraft. A good start for ion air based lifters.

Make: An Ion thruster.

Ion Lifters.

University of Hong Kong ion wind blimp Jun 23/2011

Nasa experiments on Ion wind.
These are really cool experiments that show the possibilities of high efficiency ion wind transportation using
carbon nanotubes of course. A good scientific place for learning about ion wind.

Finally something to ponder, looks cool but probably doesn’t work for various reasons.
I figured I would post this here because it looks like their company does some neat stuff.
Plasma propulsion tests Dec 15/2015 – Part 1

Part 2.

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