Learning about The SmartFoxServer: massive multiplayer server

I’ve always loved multiplayer games and one of the first attempts I made at writing a mutliplayer game was a game written in Turing that would attempt to write to a shared hard drive everytime a players moved their position in the game. It was interesting. I learned that day that files were not immutable under DOS and would crash the game if two or more clients accessed the shared file at the same time.
Now nearly 20 years later we’ve had huge games such as World of Warcraft with up to 6 million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of users.

The technologies and solutions these companies came up with to scale this many users are varied and interesting.
However one solution that you can get out of the box is this server. I’ve tested it out, think it’s ok for what I would need. Now it comes down to price.
The unlimited license is €3,000.00 which is about $3380 american or $4480 canadian dollars.
It’s expensive. It probably works out to about $1 per a user.

The limited 5000 user license is only 2,100.00 euros. This works out to about 50 cents a user.

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