Lotto Max Neural Network.

In order to get rich I created a neural network to pick lottery numbers for me.
I trained the neural network by using previous results of the lottery found on this website:
The input neurons are basically the numbers from the previous week and I train them to
generate the next weeks numbers. This is nothing more than wishful thinking that it will
work however and is purely for entertainment purposes.
As anyone who knows stats, the rolling of dice is independent. If I was to have an accurately
trained neural network I would need to know the true input (ball position, random number generator system)
at the start to know the final position.
So yeah this week I spent $5 on lotto. Wish me luck. I’ll tell you how it turned out tomorrow and share
the algorithm/program if it doesn’t work 😉

Wish me luck!

The result… Terrible.
May 19 2017 => 8 11 18 25 34 35 38 b44

My numbers => 04 20 23 41 42 46 47
Not a single number matched. So much for past results predicting future.

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