Microfusion, Aneutronic Fusion and Focused fusion.

I’m really excited about fusion lately. I’ve been reading about the progress being made by several different companies and hope for the best. Fusion will change the world if it can be mastered.

Is the world going to explode? LOL

Nope, Fusion is normally unsustainable at normal pressures and temperatures, This is what makes it so difficult. Everytime you do any fusion it’s like a small explosion.
It releases lots of energy but that in turn makes it less likely to keep fusing more atoms.
Fusion only happens continuously in the sun because of the immense gravitational energy which overcomes the nuclear forces.

Here’s a couple of the upcoming fusion projects that might change the world.
1. Lockheed Skunkworks.

2. http://lawrencevilleplasmaphysics.com/
Their society to raise awareness.

3. Energy matter conversion corporation

4. Tri Alpha Energy, Inc
Article on the fusion gold rush

If they are successful it’ll be like having a nuclear power plant that can safely power trucks/cars/airplanes/homes etc.
The really cool stuff I would like to see powered by it are spaceships, ion driven spacecraft and ionic wind thrusters that can be used inside the earths atmosphere to get into orbit.

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