New wave physics – Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

There’s a company out there called Brilliant Light Power that has supposedly found a new state of matter for hydrogen.
Hydrogen in this hydrino state releases a lot of light energy. All it looks like is they have
a car battery melting silver in magnetic coils and then are pumping hydrogen in to burn it.
It seems like their machine is nothing more than an overly complicated spark plug.
Melting silver with a car battery is impressive, usually it takes a fair bit of power to do that.
Maybe I’ll try it sometime.
Here’s an example of induction melting.

A couple of the red flags for the company.
1. They were originally called “Black Light Power“.
2. They “got” 50 million dollars in funding already and this is all they produced (It’s a neat apparatus but 50 million for burning hydrogen?)
3. They claim to have invented a new type of physics. (hydrino, dark energy etc)
4. They claim to have invented a new type of physics.
5. They claim to have invented a new type of physics.
6. Their machine is needlessly complex for what it does.

Oh did I repeat myself. Yeah new physics. So yeah if your using melted silver as a catalyst for this reaction why are you flinging the silver around like a juggler
tossing his balls in the air?
Why aren’t you just using a pool of melted silver in a cup like those guys above in my url and just blasting the molten pool of silver with the hydrogen.
Oh yeah also light energy is less energetic than say infrared or heat so yeah burning hydrogen produces heat + light. Light is going to be the less useful amount
of energy. The black orb… that’s cool. You could patent that use it as some sort of solar orb you plug into your ceiling.. ok maybe not stupid idea.

People are wasting their time + money looking in this. Thinking that the energy problems are going to be solved with some miracle solution.
Fusion has been off on the horizon for 30 yrs.

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