WP Super cache.

Nice. Pages load rather quick now. The main page loads under 150 ms most of the time which is almost triple the speed it used to load. There’s a couple other tools and tricks that can still be applied and are mentioned in the plugin. I’m liking this plugin much better for performance.    

W3 Total Cache.

Ok I’ve just tried this plugin out. Doesn’t seem to help much. WordPress first load actually took 8 seconds after turning the plugin on. Then afterwards it might have saved 20 ms off of 380 ms load times if that. WordPress just seems to be a chunky slow loading/running php application. You think you could

WordPress basic installed

Ok so I’ve installed wordpress basic on my server again. This site was hacked and destroyed probably because of an old version of wordpress or cpanel.  I had some popular posts on this site but now everything is lost? So much for that. Keeping a monthly backup would have saved me years of lost wordpress posts.