PHP tools class diagram, uml diagram, use case and recording tools.

There are a couple of new tools/programs I checked out today:

One for class diagram modelling. I tried out star uml first but found out that what I really needed was a tool to create a the model from the code.
Which is kind of the reverse of what most people use the tool for. Usually people would use the tool to create the class model and then generate their classes from the model.
Programming with diagrams.

Anyways php isn’t really the type of scripting language that suites this but I did find a tool that really helps when it comes to making reverse diagrams from the code.
It’s pretty good, seems a little dated but it is still being maintained.
So I used it once, was able to create some pretty pictures. Tried to load it up now and had my project not load properly. So it has some bugs/issues.
However if you ever need to create a class diagram from php bouml is the go to tool.

Another tool I used was techsmith snagit. Originally it was called Camtasia I believe.
Years ago I company I worked for owned a copy, now they have snagit. It worked great! A very polished piece of technology.
It’s a 15 day trial and if I have to use it again I will buy a copy.
Good for creating videos of what you are doing on the screen.
I tried using microsofts xbox recording tool that comes with windows 10, that didn’t work because it didn’t like my hardware.

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