RPG Maker MV: Unable to read file Game.rpgproject

I spilled some water so rather than risk electrocution/damaging my PC I turned off my powerbar.

Little did I know, RPG Maker has many of the files open and in a state that easily allows them to be corrupted.
So I tried to open the project back up and none of the files would load.
The project file was filled with NUL, dozens of files were filled with NUL. I’m lucky that this project was something I had only been working on for 1-2 days
or I would have been livid.

So I looked through the files and many of the files in /data were corrupted.

My maps were fine however but MapInfos.json was corrupted.

So I took all of the uncorrupted files from a previous version and placed them in the direct for /data and replaced
index.html and Game.rpgproject in the root directory as they were both corrupted.

This allowed me to load up the data. However my maps were missing now in the UI.

This is because data/MapInfos.json only listed 1 map.
You can hand edit json however in a text editor and add new lines for each map. This ultimately brought back all 9 of my maps to the game which
was luckily where most of the work/changes had been made.

RPG maker needs to make proper backups or close files after writing to them so they are more likely to not damage files.
This was a real eye opening experience to how fragile the application is. Looks like I’m going to have to make the backups for now which I
probably should have done in the first place. My backups usually involve copying my files to a remote server, but hey that’s better than nothing.
You would think after using PC’s for so long I would learn from my mistakes.

Anyways, read this thread here on how to restore information in RPG Maker.

Another person with the same problem.

And more

This seems to be a common problem.

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