Trials and tribulations of html5 game programming

So I’m trying to use Yoyogames Gamemaker to create multiplatform games.
I think the tool does save a lot of time and make a job that would be normally impossible for a single developer, plausible. However, It can be a real pain.

In the past couple days I’ve had the following happen:
Google removed createGainNode on their chrome browser.

This problem took me several days to fix because I was using Kongregate and any change I uploaded and made live would eventually revert because of their caching issue.
Kongregate important note about uploading html5 games
I found that post through google luckily after noticing that they were caching old files somehow even after I had uploaded and tested the files in their “staging”.

Some other problems not related to programming but still important to game developers is that
Kongregate now wants you to register with the US government and/or apply a 30% withholding tax.

Advertising with Google and admob:
I limited myself to a budget of $20 a day. I stopped the campaign after spending $24 or so I thought.
The campaign continued to charge me or had hidden the charges for the current day so I ended up with a bill of around $40. I was able to make back about $3 out of $40. Not a very good return for my money.
Currently there are about 60 people / 120 original installs with the game. With the majority of the people playing the game once or twice and then never playing it again.

All this work:
I’ve almost broke $15 on Kongregate and that’s including money from other games long past.
I’m -$40 on google play.
I should be starving.

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